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Detoxing is not only for the body, but it is also for the mind and soul. While cleansing your body, it is also ideal to surround yourself with positive thoughts. For the past 20 days I have tried to read, listen, and watch positive things. I have been listening to Esther and Jerry Hicks tapes and I also have been listening to Quick and Dirty Tips podcasts. I have been rereading some books of mine that I would like to recommend to you. Click on the book names for more details.

  1. 12 Steps to Raw Food – This book by Victoria Boutenko was the first book I ever read regarding raw foods and health. Excellent book and easy to follow, it really helped me while on my first ever detox 2 years ago. Kindle Edition
  2. Heal Thy Self – Queen Afua writes an excellent book for those of African descent. She speaks about how she healed herself from illness, by changing her diet. Overall a well rounded book that speaks on diet, spirituality, and fitness.
  3. Green for Life – Victoria Boutenko writes about how consuming greens is more ideal for our health. She also talks about how her family was extremely ill, but reversed everything when their diet changed. Kindle Edition
  4. African Holistic Health – This book by Llaila O. Afrika is a great book for those of African descent who are interested in health.
  5. Light Eating for Survival  – This book is a rare find. When I purchased it last year, I was able to get it for 8 dollars used, now I see on Amazon that it is 12 dollars used and 186 dollars new. Marcia Madhuri Acciardo wrote this book in the 70s and was a pioneer in the raw food movement. What I like about this book is that she has recipes for live foods (raw), yet she used simple equipment.
  6. Juicing for Life – I love this book by Cherie Calbom. She provides great juice recipes and also gives the reader juice combination for specific illnesses. Kindle Edition
  7. Ask and its Given – I highly recommend this book and any other Esther and Jerry Hicks books. They are filled with great lessons and inspiration. Kindle Edition
  8. The Alchemist – Paul Coelho delivers with this book, the lesson instilled is invaluable. Kindle Edition
  9. The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle is known for the book A New Earth, but I like the Power of Now better. This book is all about living in the now. Kindle Edition
  10. The Four Agreements – Wow, talk about a quick read that will have you thinking for a long time. Don Miguel Ruiz really leaves the reader with questions about the way they live their lives. I finished this book a few weeks ago and I am always thinking about it. Kindle Edition
  11. Awareness – This book by Anthony de Mello is one that you probably won’t agree with everything he writes, but it will leave you thinking about human nature and awareness. Kindle Edition
  12. Many Lives, Many Masters – I love this book by Dr. Brian Weiss. In this book he documents a past life regression that he performed on a client of his. It is a very interesting book that discusses the possibility of past lives. Kindle Edition
  13. Life After Death: The Burden of Truth – This is a good book for those who are Deepak Chopra fans. In this book he discusses what happens after death.
  14. Energy Medicine – This book by Donna Eden is good for those who would like work on balancing energy throughout the body. Kindle Edition
  15. Poisons in Your Food – This book was originally written in 1969 and then a 2nd edition was written in 1991. It is amazing that the same issues we are facing now were prevalent back then. The author, Ruth Winter, was seen as a sensationalist and now in 2010 it is apparent that her concerns over toxins in our foods were correct.
15 books that you can read while on your detox or just in general. I hope you enjoy!Do you have any books that you would like to add?



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