Knowledge Acquisitor

Hi Enterprisers,

We currently are living in an era of information overload that’s overwhelmingly and increasingly becoming more difficult to shift through.

My mission is to help people efficiently organize information and ideas in order to maximize growth potential and solve problems.

How I do this is by following my guiding values:

Making order. I value helping people hone in on what to focus on and what to discard.

Asking questions. I value strategically asking questions and weighing all options to help with understanding possibilities.

Collaborating. I value working with others to take ideas and accomplish a shared goal.

Sharing.  I value  passing on information and ideas to people who can use that insight to grow.

Enterprising. I value being resourceful to creatively strive towards new ideas and change.

The services that I provide that are inspired by my mission and values are:

Idea Dialogue | Project Evaluation | Knowledge Acquisition | Analysis & Interpretation |  Plan Development

If you consider yourself an enterpriser - someone who courageously innovates (I love this explanation by Jim Rohn)- then this blog is the place for you.

I don't have a strict blogging schedule, but I try to post two times a month. If you are interested in catching up with my blog posts, subscribe to this blog (you can unsubscribe at anytime).

I'm always evolving and doing new things; which can be found on my What I'm doing Now page.

I look forward to connecting. Shoot me an email, lisamarie[at]lisamariepierre.com and let me know how you are enterprising and what information you need to reach your goals?


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