• maushaus

    The maus that roared: A tinyhouse storyEnvironment

    On this blog, I like to showcase individuals who are making a difference in the world. Sigma is a student in the Arizona State University urban planning and sustainability programs.  I have always admired her professionalism, poise, and creativity, so I knew I had to invite her over to the blog. She  is currently working […]

  • march jennifer worthen

    March: My blog’s month end reviewLisa-Marie

    March was an amazing month and  getting closer to meeting my 2014 blog goals! Some numbers (March 1 to March 31, 2014): Page views:  1,075 Unique page views: 965 Visits: 816 Unique visitors: 730 Average site duration:  48 seconds Average time page: 2 minutes and 33 seconds New email subscribers:  1 Number of blog posts:  8 Number […]

  • spending last 100 dollars. photo by 401 (k) 2012

    3 methods I use to budget money effectively while on a graduate school stipendAcademia

    Graduate school has been a great place to engage in intellectual discussion, learn new things, and network with future professionals. It has not been the best place for honest discussions about challenges graduates students face financially, professionally, and emotionally. PhD programs are usually funded during the academic year, August to May. From mid-May to mid-August, […]

  • i too am harvard

    How do you respond to inappropriate racial comments?Academia

    Microaggression is defined as subtle ways in which body and verbal language convey oppressive ideology about power or privilege against marginalized identities (  This New York Times article on racial microaggression on college campuses came at the right time. I have been doing a lot of thinking about microaggressions on college campuses. College should be […]

  • changes to blog

    BIG changes to my website!Lisa-Marie

    Okay, I got your attention. As you know my goal this year was to rebuild the traffic and interaction on this website. To do this, I need to try out new things, such as changing up the style of writing, topics, frequency of posts, and layout of the website. Because of this new direction, I […]

  • No risk no reward

    No risk, no rewardCareer

    Entering the third month of the new year, I have been reflecting on my goals and aspirations and how to bring them into fruition. To reach my goals, I have to continue stepping out of my comfort zone. I will not move, if I do not take a step. This is just a short post […]